Why You Should Wear More Black

The color black has the power to inspire so many different feelings from an outfit. Mystery, Class, Elegance, Power, Intrigue, Comfort. Whatever it is you're going for, the perfect black outfit can help you get there. That's why this week we've put together the top 5 reasons you should put more black in your wardrobe.


1. The Slimming Effect:

For years fashion experts have recommended black outfits to those looking to create a slimmer looking silhouette, but why? There are a few reasons for this effect; one is that the the color black actually tricks the eye into perceiving objects as smaller than they may be in real life. A black outfit has the power to absorb light and block contour making your body look slimmer than ever.

2. It Never Goes Out of Style

While bright colored outfits have made a resurgence in the fashion world recently and there are seasonal periods where it may be okay or not okay to wear white, black is in style and looks great year round, every year.

3. Class

Black clothes no matter what the style, or price give off an air of class and elegance. Whether your spending $20 on a black sundress or $2000 on designer heels, black is going to cause those around you to take notice and inspire respect.

4. Accessories

A solid black outfit allows you to really get creative with your accessories. You haven't wasted any color on your clothes so you have plenty of room to go wild with bracelets, necklaces, earrings, handbags and more. Almost any color is a good compliment to a well put together black outfit.

5. Ease!

Black is one of the few colors that you can wear head to toe without looking ridiculous. A closet full of black clothes means you'll never have trouble deciding what to wear in the morning, it all matches! Black is also one of the easiest colors to layer if you want to wear a jacket and a sweater or a skirt and leggings.